8. Ethnological Museum | Humboldt Forum - Berlin

Humboldt Forum | Ethnological Museum - Berlin - Permanent Exhibition Design

The world's largest ethnological museum will be illuminated on Museum Island in Berlin. The interior design and museum layout will cover an impressive area of 17,000 sqm. The showcases have been studied, designed and engineered down to the smallest detail, integrating the objects, lights, texts and media to give the visitor the greatest experience.

Ethnological Museum
Location: Museum Island, Berlin
Exhibition design: RAA - Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Web: humboltforum.com

The project is included among the largest public museums in the world, with over 17.000 sqm of exhibition space. The new Ethnologic Museum will be inside the Humbolt Forum on Museum Island in Berlin. The building was designed by Italian architect Franco Stella after a long competition. The project largely follows the old castle originally built for the Royal Family and then completely demolished after World War II. The new museum project will incorporate two institutions already present in Berlin, the Ethnological Museum of Dahlem and the Museum of Asian Art.

The exhibition section will present objects from archaeology, ethnology, artistic artefacts together with a rich selection of photographs, films, specific sounds and media. The design challenge has consisted in being able to best represent the needs of flexibility of contemporary museums, the large amount of exhibits and fully represent all corners of the world that will be represented. More than 5.000 pieces of various sizes, from large boats to small artefacts, will be on display.

The exhibition path has been divided into appropriate areas, always agreed upon with an expert team of historians and archaeologists. Each area will have its own personal identity, enhancing each exposed element through a detailed research of shapes, materials, lights and media interactions. Every single part of the thousands of showcases has been studied and cared for, all the building elements have been developed for an abject project, to bring the museum among the best in the world. The maniacal search for perfection in every part will highlight the works on display with elegance, ease of use and special collateral content. All the displays are made to measure and studied in detail to offer the best technology and the visitor's experience.  
To be a part of varied design team, composed of people from different backgrounds, the project is of interior and exhibition design, providing at the same time intelligent solutions and technologies for showcases defined efficient display systems and display solutions up to the definition of the production details of the showcases.