GUIDI | ArtForArtsSake - Galley Week Berlin 

April-May 2017

ArtForArtsSake - Fashion Show | Gallery Week Berlin - Exhibition Design 

“OPPORTUNITY” comes from Latin, ‘ob towards  the harbour, which refers to a favourable wind that allows ships to enter the port safety portum’, we tried hard to make that wind happen giving rise to the occasion where talent meets the opportunity.
We thank all those who joined the contest and our family of friends who always supported us making ART FOR ART’S SAKE happen.

Guidi Fashion Show | ArtForArtsSake
Location: Kühlhaus, Berlin

Strategy: Guidi

Artworks by the 5 jury-selected artists
Following an open call for artists working in painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, virtual art, and music.
Artworks by the 5 jury-selected artists have been projected in the former industrial space, with sculptures and sound installations throughout the venue.