11. GUIDI | Paris Fashion Week AW 19 

21-28 June 2018

Paris Fashion Week AW 19 - Guidi Showroom Paris | Spatial Design - Inflatable Installation

Fashion Week Haute Couture 2018 A charming venue La Cartonnerie it's switch over in a temporary Guidi's showroom.
An inflatable installation fill-up the foyer, three soft satin pillows design a narrow passage to access/squeeze into the new collection 2019.
A welcoming entrance/exit aims visitors/customers to experience a path through an organic form with marked references to human genetics, free to be interpreted and where sexuality is indefinite.

Paris Fashion Week AW 19 - Guidi Showroom Paris
Location: La Cartonnerie Paris 
Spatial Design: Simone Serlenga
Strategy: Guidi
Special Thanks: Plastique-Fantastique