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Helios_DIY & Helios_Pro | Multifunctional Devices for hospital emergency
We propose High-Tech multipurpose devices to help hospital staff and patients during an emergency recovery, offering daylight-therapy, video call device, live cam to monitor patient parameters. A moment of privacy, to break isolation and reconnect with the external world.

Helios_DIY & Helios_Pro are a Multifunctional Devices for hospital emergency with smart construction system for easy assembly and high versatility.

Today's global situation caused by the spread of COVID_19 is creating a defeat for national healthcare systems. The lack of beds needed cannot be made up for in several nations; as a result, patients line hospital corridors and other not designated areas, medical equipment is missing, hospitals are overloaded with work. Medical staff are unable to treat all patients adequately and provide the necessary attention to each of them. Moreover, many cities are building emergency hospitals to receive more patients, in sheds, sports arenas, hangars or in temporary structures.


Helios_DIY & Helios_Pro help staff and patients during an emergency recovery in hospital.

Two different versions, Helios _DIY, thought for emergency application, uses systems and materials already on the market and easy to find.
The second version Helios_Pro, is a more engineered solution offering flexible features.


The standard system consists of a fixed structure on wheels to which are attached panels covered with textile that conceal the inside devices when not in use and offers a sheltered space and a moment of privacy when opened.

The inner structure acts as a support for mechanical branches to which different devices are connected. A live action-cam transmits via Wi-fi essential data to a central computer and helps doctors to acquire patient’s parameters without entering the intensive care area, reducing infection occasions. A tablet for video calls and video screening offers the chance for the patients to communicate and see their family even in the isolation areas where human contacts are strictly reduced. A Daylight Therapy lamp provides a natural light source in a closed environment, and the treatment increases the patient’s well-being.

Thanks to mechanical arms and clamps (like the ones used in photography), Helios’ supporting system allows adding any device to the central structure, to meet the needs of all hospitals and care facilities.

Helios_DIY is helpful, smart and quick to assemble, the construction system does not require previous capabilities, and installation times are reduced to a bare minimum.

No tools are required, thanks to simple metal tubes, interlocking elements and clamps it can be assembled entirely by hand and used immediately. It can also be installed on hospital instruments such as the drip-feed holder available in any hospital facility.

Helios_PRO has multifunction digital and constructive features, is composed of few materials that are functional to design and usability. At the bottom, there is a compartment for carrying objects and the special compartment for housing cables and batteries. When used with battery mode, Helios_PRO is free-standing and can be moved easily, allowing maximum flexibility.

What About Agency | Concept, Design and project lead
Design: Elena Veronese
Artworks: Alessandro Rustighi

Typeface Design: Neubau, Berlin

Published on:
The Design Vanguard 

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