Ikona Gallery Venice - Flotte/Fleet  | Venice Carnival 

2-5 March 2019

Ikona Gallery - Flotte/Fleet - Over Tourism (Temporary Frame) | Venice Carnival - Set Design

Overtourism or cannibal tourism, as it has been defined by the international press, is the topic of the temporary installation FLOTTE/FLEET.
Located at Ikona Gallery, in Campo del Ghetto, Venice the event has been organized during Carnevale period, the symbolic feast of Venice, and aims to provide a glimpse of a global phenomenon that engulfs the city, deteriorating its social fabric and converting its identity into a solely tourist experience.

Ikona Gallery - Flotte/Fleet - Over Tourism (Temporary Frame)
Location: Ikona Gallery Campo Del Ghetto, Venice

Sound designer: Makoto Sakamoto

One tourist for every inhabitant. This is the data that has been collected in Venice, where 28 million tourists a year visit the city - one and a half times the size of the maximum sustainability.

The installation presents itself to visitors as a crowded, cluttered, concentrated place, through which they will physically have to move in order to free themselves from a figurative indistinct mass.

In search for the perfect shot to keep as a memory or to share on social networks, visitors are capturing a glimpse of the city through the screen of their mobile phone, jump to another tourist attraction right after on the haunt for the next selfie.

Enriched with multiple facets, FLOTTE/FLEET is a moment of reflection and exchange, contrasting multimedia and experiential experiences.

Sound designer Makoto Sakamoto, who samples and regenerates the sounds of the city, will create a site-specific soundscape for FLOTTE, while Valentina Milan, contemporary dancer who interacts with space and the visitors, will stage a durational performance.

Installation & Scenography By Elena Veronese Simone Serlenga