Large Scale Immersive Video Scenography | 2017

August 2017

Walk-in video environment - Immersive Video Scenography

A site-specific project created for Helsinki Design Week in collaboration with Plastique-Fantastique, to highlight and enhance the pneumatic structure with a panoramic video projection. The installation embraced the metalworkers' statue in the center of Helsinki (Kolmen sepän aukio). The project concept focusses on craftsmanship, the blacksmith, the human and the 'dirt'; industrial hard work.

Walk-in video environment - Immersive Video Scenography
Location: Berlin | Helsinki, Finnland

The audience was supposed to face a large projecting surface created with multi-projection which worked as a visual canvas for filmed sequences, both as one big panorama screen, cinemascope ratio or splitting screens.
Viewers were subjected to an interplay between image, sound, and spatial structures as well as configurations that transformed selected sites into immersive walk-in experiences in expanded cinema, sound, and new media installation.

The work investigates the purity of the shapes blended with the purity of the images. A tough industrial outline, architectural brutalism, machines, industry, landscape, were topicss within the conceptual process.

Video environments installations, require site-specific locations, large is usually best – the easiest way to achieve this is through multiple projections. 
Space: 12x3m
Projection & Display:
Panorama screen - Multiscreen projection.

Note: Due to technical issue, the panoramic video projections on the pneumatic structure were not displayed.