Milamore Fine Jewelery | Paris Fashion Week HC 20 

27 Jan - 02 Feb 2020

MILAMORE Fine Jewelry - New York - Tokyo | Paris Fashion Week HC/20 | Exhibition Design
The MILAMORE Kinstugi Collection is inspired by the abstract marks left behind during the #Kintsugi restoration, which uses golden lacquer to bind together shattered ceramics leaving unique gold markings in their wake. #BeautyInTheBroken⁠ 

Milamore's Temporary Showroom during the Fashion Week Paris Haute Couture 2020.
A special apartment overlooking the prestigious Rue de la Paix, place of refined boutiques such as Tiffany & Cartier, is used as Milamore's temporary showroom to present its Kinzugi collection.
What About has taken care of the design of the space, designing together with the sculptor RamVafa, sculptures that welcome the jewels marking even more the power and beauty of the unique handmade, sculptural product.
In addition to making the environment even more artistic and with the addition of selected furnishing elements, What About in collaboration with ToBeConfirmed curated the image of the event.

Brand: @milamorejewelry⁠
Creative Agency:
Exhibition Design: @what_about_agency
Design Ass: @elenaveronesedesign ⁠
Sculptures: @ramvafa⁠