1. Re:publica | Future Affairs 19

29 May2019

Future Affairs 19 - Foreign Office of Germany | Berlin - Stage Design and Lounge Area

In collaboration with Re:publica the stage and lounge area was designed in the large-scale event at Foreign Office in Berlin. Colours, materials, graphics, lighting and media created a great dystopian project at the luxurious building for the largest internet and digital society conference and speakers from all over the world.

Re:publica | Future Affairs 19
Location: Foreign Office of Germany, Berlin

With: Re:pubblica

Graphics: Fertig Design

Web: futureaffairs19.re-publica.com

In collaboration with Re-publica on 29 May 2019 on the German Federal Foreign Office was organised the Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference with topic “Digital Revolution: Resetting Global Power Politics?”.

The opening keynotes by Heiko Maas, Federal Foreign Minister of Germany and Carlos Alvarado Quesada President of Costa Rica. They started a full immersion day of meetings and talks with readers from all over the world. The day of meetings was divided into four main focus areas. The first one entitled "Digital revolution: resetting global power politics" was held by readers such as the political scientist Prof. Uri Rosenthal from the Netherlands, the Kenyan political analyst Nanjala Nyabola, the director of the Alliance of Securing Democracy of USA Laura Rosenberger.

The second panel saw the Austrian Julia Kloiber, founder of the Superrr Lab & Prototupe Fund, the Indian activist Kaustubh Srikanth, from Harvard Kennedy School Caroline Sinders and the Japanese Dr.Reiko Kondo, director of the Office of the Director-General for Cybersecurity and Japanese Ministry of International Affairs and Communications with the theme "Disruptive technologies: chances and challenges".

In the afternoon two other themes were discussed, the first one entitled "Democracy & digitisation: will democracy survive the digital revolution?" with Alicia Bárcena Ibarra from Chile, the professor from Brasilia Marisa von Bülow, the German artist Hito Steyerl, Marina Weisband project manager politics and Xiao Qiang from China.

The last talk is on the theme "New philosophies: paradigm shifts in a machine-intelligent Word" with ideas from Maurizio Ferraris, Italian philosopher, Isabella Hermann from Germany and Spanish artist Moon Ribas.
As an outline of the stage with the main talks, an area was developed where some important artists exhibited on the theme "Digital Revolution", four installations with high artistic value by Adam Harvey (USA), Pinar Yoldas (Turkey), Kate Crawford & Vladan Joler (Australia/Serbia) and Bernd Lintermann (Germany).

The project included three main areas, the stage where the conferences were held, the decompression area and the entrance lounge area. All areas were designed for the maximum comfort of guests, in collaboration with graphic designers and video and sound engineers who made the perfect environment for conferences. The areas have been connected with the idea of brand identity of the event and trying to communicate a strong dystopia with the surrounding environment with the use of strong geometries and bright colours.

The project dialogues in a contemporary way with the massive building, the monumental geometries are reinterpreted in a lighter and more modern key. With the help of graphics designer, the project starts with the three-dimensional development of the geometric decomposition of the globe. The different areas are connected by a common architectural project. The project was temporary and the conference day was a great success from the point of view of the usability of the spaces designed.